“No one expected me to become a professional triathlete.”

One of my teachers introduced me to running, and I found that it not only made me feel physically stronger, but also made me feel emotionally more centered and focused. I started competing in races and when I moved with my family to NYC, I joined the track team. As my running improved, I wanted to find something with more challenge and multi-faceted. I competed in my first triathlon in June of 2012 and won my age group. From then on, I was hooked. I just wanted to work harder and get better.

My family and I moved to the beautiful ski town of Telluride, CO when I was in kindergarten. I grew up skiing, hiking and enjoying life in the mountains. I thrived on being outside and honing my skills as a skier because at school things were tough. As a dyslexic, school became increasingly difficult and confusing as I got older. In 7th grade, I transferred to a boarding school especially for dyslexic students. There, I needed sports as a way to keep me focused and to burn off the energy and frustration of still struggling with reading, which seemed to come naturally to the rest of the world.