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Epix Gear Cycling Kit

GoFierce Cycling Kit You can’t be fast on race day without being able to fully focus during training, and focusing while training means thinking about power, rate of perceived exertion, heart rate, nutrition, hydration, and pushing that little bit extra during your last interval. It does not mean focusing on your scratchy, bunched up, uncomfortable [...]

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Stash Away Some Savings

Do you want go to Kona for the Ironman Chamionships? I can’t really help you qualify for the race, but I can give you some tips on how to afford the trip. 1. First, start saving. The good news . . . there’s an app for that! I know that using an app to start [...]

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Financial Tips for Pro Triathletes

Financial Tips sounds so boring, but making a living by competing in triathlons is worth taking some time to keep the financial side of things running smoothly.  Here are some of my tips - and I'd love to hear yours: 1.  Keep your tax records in good order all year long.  Being a professional triathlete [...]

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Top 6 Things I Learned Traveling This Summer

I headed to Europe this summer to compete in a couple of triathlons in Germany and to enjoy some family time in France.  Traveling is one of my favorite things, and I always learn a lot when I travel.  Here is list of the top things I learned on this trip.  I’m sharing them to [...]

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Looking Backward, Looking Forward

Set high goals and work hard to attain them.  That's my motto.  I hope that whatever your goals are, they involve something you love doing, because that’s what makes the hard work worth it!  In 2015, my goal was to become a professional triathlete and while I hoped to make that goal in February in [...]

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Be grateful!

Gratitude – it’s what we’re doing this week! Interesting that it is one of those things that researchers agree is good for you. I recently read an article in Forbes Magazine that said gratitude enhances relationships, improves physical and psychological health, sleep and self-esteem and increases mental strength. Wow, with that list, I better start [...]

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